Picture Memories

In every wedding, there are hundreds of stories being made.  And there is just no way in the hustle of the day that you can be aware of and remember all of them. 

1_Williams 365L.jpg

Do you see that?  Nope, not the happy newlywed us (although, let’s be honest: we are adorable!).  I’m talking about that bandage on the groom’s finger.

Well, I’d completely forgotten that story too, until we recently revisited these photographs from our wedding.  When I saw the bandage, I remembered how it all went down: my cut finger was from the bachelor party my friends threw for me the night before!

That wound involved a sharper-than-expected cheese knife, a stubborn piece of Pecorino Romano, and a soon-to-be-married clumsy man.

Happily it wasn’t really that bad, although it did scare me - and the guys.  Nobody wants to end up in an ER the day before their wedding explaining to their fiancé how they removed a digit in a not-so-manly cheese accident. Fortunately, the small bandage wasn’t even noticed by Dani until after we were driving away onto our honeymoon.  

Good photographs have a wonderful way of bringing back stories we'd forgotten - even years later - so you can laugh about them all over again!


Daniel is one half of the D2 duo. When he is not behind the camera he is brewing beer, perusing youtube for British comedy, or playing in Logic.