Instant memory.

Yesterday, Dani and I went through some of our old wedding pictures, and we came across this gem.  (picture of Elijah in the background of another picture).  Look at that kid!  He was (and still is) so stinkin’ cool!

When Dani and I saw this picture, though, I said, “Look; he’s posing for somebody taking another photo.  So somewhere in the world, theres somebody who has that photo of Elijah.  I sooooo want that photo!”

I never even knew that picture had been taken.  In the rush of our wedding day, I didn’t even see it happen, and only years later have I even run across that fun moment that I’d missed years ago.

And I’m so incredibly grateful for these simple, wonderful memories.  And if you’re the one who took that picture of my boy from our wedding day, I’d love to have it!


Daniel is one half of the D2 duo. When he is not behind the camera he is brewing beer, perusing youtube for British comedy, or playing in Logic.